Subscriptions start with the current issue and work forward. They do not include automatic access to previous issues, although SOME promotional offers MAY provide some past issues as a bonus.

There are 3 options though to get access to past issues for our subscribers:

1. Subscribers can purchase individual past issues of Happily Hooked right on the HHM Members Site at a special members-only price of just $2.97. Just look for the Store navigation link along the side of the page. (Please note: some of the newer past issues still haven't been added there, if there's one you want that isn't listed just email for help.)

2. We have an "Every Past Issue Ever" Bundle available which is an awesome deal as it includes all 130+ past issues of BOTH Happily Hooked Magazine and Pattern Pack Pro. It's just $49.99 which works out to less than 40 cents per issue! That purchase link is also found at the side of the page on the Members Site. 

3. Upgrading to our Lifetime digital membership includes Every Past Issue added to your account as well as every FUTURE edition of HHM and PPP... for LIFE!