The Lifetime digital membership provides FUTURE digital issues of both publications:
Happily Hooked Magazine and Pattern Pack Pro. 

AND also immediately adds EVERY PAST digital issue of both publications to your Issue Library on the Members Site. That's over 150 issues... containing over 1200 patterns!!

AND it includes the Crochet Mastery Course Suite video courses!

And Lifetime Members get discounts on our other digital products and in our e-com store!

There are no recurring fees associated with those digital publications ever again after purchasing the Lifetime digital membership. 

(IF you also purchased the Stitch Mastery 6-month subscription and are paying that at $9.97 each month, those monthly charges will continue until the end of that 6-month term, as Stitch Mastery is NOT included in the Lifetime membership. Lifetime members however can request the Lifetime member discount on Stitch Mastery, but it won't be applied automatically.)

The Lifetime digital membership is available only to someone who already is a paid subscriber. So the first step in becoming a Lifetime Member is to start a yearly subscription if you haven’t already (, then the Lifetime membership can be added at any time! 

If you already are a yearly subscriber and want to upgrade just look for the Upgrade to Lifetime option right on our Members Site for more information, or email us at

The Lifetime digital membership applies only to the digital format of both Happily Hooked Magazine and Pattern Pack Pro, and does not include the Quarterly Printed Pattern Collections of Happily Hooked Magazine sent in the mail. 

Please see this article for more about Print.

Some previous purchasers were able to Add Print to the Lifetime Digital Membership at just $30/year. Unfortunately, we no longer offer that option. As those "add-on" subscriptions reach the end of their already paid terms they will be stopped and the Quarterly Print Editions must be ordered individually after that point.

Please note: If you purchase the Lifetime digital Membership using the 3-pay installment plan, any failure of the remaining installments will result in your account being reverted back to the yearly recurring subscription. All content will remain accessible on the Members Site, but your subscription will need to be renewed at the end of the year term for access past that point. 

The Lifetime digital membership upgrade can happen any time after the subscription is purchased. There is no reduction on the cost of Lifetime for previous purchases, nor any refund given for previous purchases. The regular price currently for the Lifetime digital Membership is $247, although we reserve the right to change that price at any time, and the mention of it here is not a guarantee that the order forms will not have changed since this article was posted.

Read MORE about our Lifetime Membership HERE!