The Lifetime digital membership provides FUTURE digital issues of both publications:
Happily Hooked Magazine and Pattern Pack Pro.

AND also adds every PAST digital issue of both publications to your Issue Library on the Members Site.

AND it includes the Crochet Mastery Course Suite!

There are no recurring fees associated with those digital publications ever again after purchasing the Lifetime digital membership. (IF you also purchased the Stitch Mastery 6-month subscription though, those monthly will continue until the end of that 6-month term, as Stitch Mastery is NOT included in the Lifetime membership.)

The Lifetime digital membership is an upgrade that is only offered to someone who is already a subscriber. So all Lifetime Members have already purchased a subscription first. There is no reduction on the cost of Lifetime for previous purchases, nor any refund given for previous purchases. The Lifetime digital membership upgrade can happen any time after the subscription is purchased. The price of it doesn't change at all based on previous purchases.

The Lifetime digital membership applies only to the digital format of both Happily Hooked Magazine and Pattern Pack Pro, and does not include the Quarterly Print Editions of Happily Hooked Magazine sent in the mail.

Print can be added to your Lifetime digital membership for an additional cost which just covers our own cost to produce and mail them. Just contact us to find out more:

Adding Print will provide the next 4 Quarterly Print Editions mailed to you. Each Quarterly Print Edition contains the patterns from the 3 previous monthly digital issues and mails the next month after the quarter ends. So, for instance the Print Edition for the 3rd Quarter 2020 will include the patterns from the July, August, and September digital issues, and it will mail out mid-October.

We know this is a very different mailing schedule from many other publications, so because of the way Print comes after the digital releases, we make sure that all Subscribers always have immediate online access to each new HHM digital issue as soon as they are released on the 1st of each month. You can view the entire magazine right online, read the articles which aren't included in the Print edition, and get a head start browsing the patterns and planning your next project! The digital copies are also able to be saved to your computer and/or Ravelry library.