Access to the Members Site is for current subscribers only, so your digital publications should always be saved to your device and/or Ravelry Library to claim them "forever"!

 After you have logged in to our Members Site, simply click on one of the 'shelves' in your issue library.
Then click on one of the issues in your Issue Library to open up the issue page.

Click on one of the issues in your Issue Library to open up the issue page.

You will see three options on the issue page:
One says Full PDF (or maybe View Issue)- that's where you can view and download the full PDF Version.
and the second says Print-Friendly (or maybe Print Version) which is a nice condensed Print-Friendly format including just the patterns instructions.
Click either one of those buttons and the PDF file will open up- the full version is a rather large file so it may take some time!
After the PDF is open, you can continue to view it online, but the better option is to save it to your device so you will have it even after you have disconnected from the internet!
Just look for the download icon near the top right corner of the page. (It looks like an arrow pointing down.)
Take note of what folder you are saving it to so you can find it again later!

The third option says 'Add to Your Ravelry Library'.

Click the 'Copy' button, or highlight and copy, or write down your Unique Code;
(For some people, on some devices, the device ""remembers"" last month's coupon code which will return an invalid code error message from Ravelry.
So instead of using the copy icon, simply highlight and copy, or write down the actual coupon code.)
Then click where it says 'Click Here'.

Once on Ravelry, click the 'Add to Cart' button that shows under the picture of the magazine on the left side of the page;
Click near the bottom of the next screen that say ""use a coupon code"";
Enter the Coupon Code you had copied into the box and be sure to click Apply.
Please note that the code is ""case-sensitive"" and must be entered exactly as shown.
Only ONE issue at a time can be done, because each coupon is only applicable to ONE issue.
Verify that the price has changed to free before clicking 'checkout now'.
If you still have trouble with Ravelry, just let us know your user name there, and which issue you are having trouble with, and we can send it to you.

Ravelry then sends an email directly with your download instructions, and you can find them right in your Ravelry account at any time.
To find your Ravelry items, log in to Ravelry,
then hover over the 'my notebook' navigation link near the top right corner of the page
and click on 'library' in the dropdown menu.


Access to our Members Site is for current subscribers only, we do provide our digital publications in PDF format so you can save them to your computer and/or Ravelry library. Future access is accomplished through those saved copies which we do inform our members of regularly. While it is the subscriber's responsibility to save their digital issues, we can happily send missing issues to previous subscribers to your Ravelry library- just let us know what your Ravelry user name is.