While our regular subscription provides monthly digital issues, we do also produce Happily Hooked Magazine in Print format sent in the mail! 

Our beautiful Printed Quarterly Pattern Collections are the perfect complement to our digital subscription. 
Those Quarterly Pattern Collections can be purchased individually.... OR they can be added to a regular digital subscription or Lifetime Membership at just our cost to produce them!  

Each Quarterly Pattern Collection contains the patterns from the 3 previous monthly digital issues of Happily Hooked Magazine and mails the next month after the quarter ends. So, for instance the 4th Quarter 2020 will include the patterns from the October, November, and December digital issues. It will mail out mid-January.

Purchase Individual Print Editions:
  • Emails are sent near the end of every quarter with the opportunity to pre-order the current quarter’s Print Quarterly Pattern Collection.
  • The price for non-subscribers to purchase one Print Edition is $20.
  • Current Digital-Only Subscribers and Lifetime Members can purchase at a 10% discount.
  • This is a Pre-Order...we send these patterns to the publishers to print AFTER the quarter ENDS, and ONLY print enough to meet the demand. 
  • If you wish to purchase the current Print Edition and didn’t receive or can’t find our email to you, just email us and ask for the order form. support@happilyhooked.com

Purchase a new Digital+Print subscription:

  • Subscribing will provide a new digital issue added to your account every month AND the next 4 Quarterly Pattern Collections mailed to you! Each Quarterly Pattern Collection contains the patterns from the 3 previous monthly digital issues of Happily Hooked Magazine and mails the next month after the quarter ends.
  • See all the details here.

Current DIGITAL-ONLY subscribers: 
  • Can convert your existing subscription to the Digital+PRINT plan for a PRO-RATED amount. 
  • That means we take the time remaining on your current digital-only subscription and convert that to a corresponding amount off a new digital+Print subscription. 
  • Again, the cost difference for a digital subscriber to add the next 4 Print Quarterly Pattern Collections to their account is based only on our cost to produce them of $30 yearly.
  • You must email us for your own individual pro-rated amount. support@happilyhooked.com

  • The Lifetime  digital membership applies to digital issues of HHM and PPP only, so Lifetime Members do NOT automatically get Print. 
  • LIFETIME MEMBERS can add Print to their accounts. What that means is that you PRE-PAY for the next 4 Print Quarterly Pattern Collections at a DEEP DISCOUNT (it works out to only our own cost!)  
  • As a Lifetime Member, your cost to add print is just $30, recurring yearly. That’s just $7.50 each then!
  • If you are interested, you can just EMAIL to let us know that you are authorizing that recurring charge and we will get it done! support@happilyhooked.com

  • You do not need to do anything, and you aren’t sent emails asking you to purchase them.
  • If you aren’t sure if you already have Print on your account please email: support@happilyhooked.com

Print is available to international purchasers:
  • All of our prices are listed in USD, there is no additional surcharge for other locations.
  • International shipping may encounter delays beyond our control and even with no trouble can still take twice as long to reach their destination as our domestic subscribers.
  • If you have questions, please email: support@happilyhooked.com

Delivery Expectations:
  • Each printed pattern collection is mailed directly from the printing facility immediately upon completion of their printing process by the middle of next month AFTER the quarter ends. 
  • USPS is highly unpredictable and delivery times vary so widely that it is impossible to give an exact time for arrival. 
  • Delivery has lately been taking up to 12 weeks for U.S. addresses.
  • The 3r Quarter 2020 Printed Pattern Collection was mailed out mid-October exactly on schedule.
    Delivery is in the hands of the USPS which is still experiencing delays. Under normal conditions, delivery can take anywhere from 2 to 6 weeks. But since there is really nothing “normal” these days, your patience, understanding, and above all, your kindness are appreciated. Please allow 10 to 12 weeks from the mailing date to receive your Quarterly Pattern Collection. If you still have not received it by the beginning of January please email for help.

  • You MUST EMAIL FOR HELP: support@happilyhooked.com
  • We will NOT try to answer questions about individual accounts here on Facebook. 

Concerned about the Price?
  • The yearly Digital+Print subscription actually costs the same as purchasing the equivalent Print Editions individually, since we allow our subscribers to add them at only our own cost. Since subscribing also includes the digital issues of Pattern Pack Pro, other content available on our Members Site, and the ability to join our exclusive Members Community on Facebook, it actually makes the Digital+Print subscription a very valuable option for those subscribers who want print.
  • Digital is our primary means of delivering our publications, and the majority of our subscribers prefer the digital format. We've got over 20,000 subscribers, but less than 10% actually want paper magazines. We have conducted several extensive surveys over the years, and the percentage of people who use paper publications keeps trending downward, not just for our publication, but for most publications.
  • The Print Magazines only contain the pattern instructions from Happily Hooked Magazine, not the articles and extras, and not the content from Pattern Pack Pro. Again, from our surveys, our own target audience informed our decision to keep the cost down by reducing the number of pages to only include the HHM pattern instructions. If we were to include more content in the Print issues, it would increase the cost of them considerably.
  • Print is substantially expensive to produce and mail. Because our publications are ad-free, we do not have any ad revenue from other companies helping to cover the costs. Since most of our subscribers prefer the digital-only version, the most equitable option is to allow those who do wish to receive the magazine in Print format to pay the cost for them rather than expecting the cost to be shared even by those who do not want Print.