YES! The quarterly Print Editions of HHM include the patterns from the previous 3 digital issues.

Print Editions mail the next month after the quarter ends:

The 1st Quarter Issue includes the pattern from the January, February, and March digital issues and mails mid-April;

The 2nd Quarter mails mid-July;

The 3rd Quarter mails mid-October;

and the 4th Quarter mails mid-January.

Mailing time by USPS is highly unpredictable and can take anywhere from 2 to 8 weeks after the publisher mails them. (We ask that you please wait at least 8 weeks after mailing before inquiring about your Print Edition.)

Subscribers always have immediate Digital access to the new issues as soon as they are released while they wait for the Print Editions!

IF you are ALREADY a digital subscriber or a Lifetime digital member, Print may be added to your account for only our own cost of producing those Print Editions. Just contact us to find out more: