We started mailing welcome letters to Lifetime Members a few months ago (around September 2020). Those welcome letters also include a VIPeep Card which includes a discount code for use in our shop at shop.happilyhooked.com

(We did send letters to ALL lifetime members at that time starting with those who had been lifetime the longest. So all Lifetime members who started in October 2020 OR earlier WERE already mailed this welcome letter and VIP card. If you did not get one just email us for help! support@happilyhooked.com)

New lifetime members must wait a month or more before the letter is sent out. We don't have the staff numbers to be able to send them immediately. Lifetime members who started in November were sent theirs near the end of December and they could still be en route as of today (January 9). The list of Lifetime members who started in December, was downloaded the end of the first week of January, and should go out sometime by the end of January. 

There is nothing critical to your digital access or to the operation of your Lifetime Membership in that welcome letter. All of your digital content is already on the Members Site waiting for you. The only thing additional included is the pretty card, which includes a discount code for our e-com store. We can provide that discount code to you by email- just ask us.

If you didn't receive your welcome letter, or it didn’t include the card, and you started your Lifetime Membership BEFORE DECEMBER 2020 just email to inquire: support@happilyhooked.com

PLEASE REMEMBER: if you have questions about your account, or you think you didn't receive something you should have, you MUST EMAIL US FOR HELP. support@happilyhooked.com

Reminders about what Lifetime includes:

  • Every PAST digital issue added to your account 
  • Every FUTURE digital issue delivered to your account... for LIFE!
  • The Crochet Mastery 6-Course Suite: The course suite includes access to these *6* courses on the Happily Hooked Members Site: 
    • Hooked on C2C; 
    • Perfect Fit; 
    • Finishing School; 
    • Tunisian Mastery; 
    • How to Get Your Crojo Back; 
    • How to Design Patterns 
    • (plus Crochet All Day bonus). 
  • RAVELRY COUPON CODES FOR LIFETIME MEMBERS TO USE for the WHOLE ENCHILADA! Sure beats having to save all 150 individually to Ravelry!
  • Discount in our e-com store
  • Discount on our other digital productsFirst dibs on special promotions

Reminders about what Lifetime does NOT include:

  • Recurring Fees: there are no recurring fees associated with digital issues of Happily Hooked or Pattern Pack Pro ever again after purchasing the Lifetime digital membership. (However, if you purchase Stitch Mastery with the 6-payment plan, or add Print to your account those are paid for separately and will continue unless cancelled.)
  • Lifetime does NOT include these courses which may be purchased separately, at the Lifetime members discount, if desired: Craft to Career 3-course bundle, Crochet Essentials Stitch Mastery.
  • The Lifetime digital membership does not include the Quarterly Pattern Collections of Happily Hooked Magazine sent in the mail. We make those print editions available for purchase individually at the end of every quarter

Just look for the “Upgrade to Lifetime” link in the menu at the side of the Members Site, or email us and ask for the order form! support@happilyhooked.com

The Lifetime digital membership is an additional product that is only available to someone who is already a current subscriber. So all Lifetime Members have already purchased a subscription first, some have been subscribers for years, others just started their subscription that same day. The Lifetime digital membership upgrade can happen any time after the subscription is purchased. The price of it doesn't change based on previous purchases, nor are refunds given for any previous purchases.