After you have logged in our Members Site, click to open up a shelf. Then click to select an issue.

There are buttons on the issue page which will allow you to view the issue online.

But the better option is always to first save the issue directly to your device and/or Ravelry account for safekeeping and for offline viewing later.

We do always recommend that you save your digital issues for future use,

since only current subscribers have access to the Members Site.

After you have saved the file, you can print off any number of pages right at home, whenever you want them.

The difference between the 2 files on every issue access page, is that the Full PDF is a BIG file!

The full PDF version of the magazine is full of colorful, gorgeous detail. 

Lots of pictures and pages of articles and interviews.

It is a terrific choice when you want to read your issue!

While you certainly could print pages from the Full PDF, this was really designed for enjoying as a digital item. 

The Print-Friendly PDF on the other hand, was designed especially for printing off JUST the pages of the project you want to work on. It is mostly text-only of the written pattern instructions, with only one small photo of the design.

The Print-Friendly is simple, just the patterns in black and white.

The pattern instructions often fit on only 1 or 2 pages!

There are with no frills, no extra articles, and only one small image of each design.

This makes it perfect for printing off just what you need for the project you want to work on.

Please see more information about Printing from the PDF files here:

How do I print from the PDF?

Please note, Print-Friendly is not the same thing as paper magazines sent in the mail! 

Please see this article for more about that: Is Happily Hooked sent in the mail?