IF your purchase included any bonus item(s), they are normally sent about 2 weeks after purchase, then delivery has typically been taking up to another 4 weeks, although there are a significant number of packages taking much longer due to the trouble ALL shipping services are experiencing lately. 

Canada and other foreign addresses will take longer for delivery. Customs fees may be charged by foreign postal authorities according to their own policies, and must be covered by subscriber. 

Please allow at least 4 weeks from your initial order before inquiring about your bonus item. We are experiencing quite a high volume of shipping, and are dealing with delays in both receiving incoming shipments, and from UPS, FedEx, the USPS, and customs in shipping them out. Thank you for your patience, understanding, and your kindness, we really appreciate it.

Please note: Bonus gifts are NOT automatically provided for every purchase for every person. We run different promotions at different times and it all depends what offer each person buys. If you have questions about what promotional offer your order came through just ask!

Refunded or duplicate purchases are not eligible for the free bonus, any refund may be reduced by an amount equal to our cost of the product and shipping up to $15.