A Gift Option is available for a one year term which does not automatically renew. The term starts immediately upon receipt of the order and the recipient is automatically notified.

HHM and PPP Digital One-Year Gift Order Form 

New digital issues of both Happily Hooked Magazine and Pattern Pack Pro are released monthly. 

The one-year gift membership does NOT include paper magazines sent in the mail! 
The Printed Quarterly Pattern Collections of Happily Hooked, when and if produced, are available for individual purchase only, they are not available with any membership plan.

Please note, the Gift membership does NOT include any free extra bonus items. The New Member Gift including the physical bonus item and 7 extra digital past issues can be added to your purchase for your gift recipient for just an additional cost of $10 for shipping and handling. The option to add or decline the bonus is right on the order form.

Your recipient will be notified right away as soon as we receive the order.

We do not have the ability to delay the start date.

They will have immediate access to their digital content on our Members Site from that point.

The physical bonus item if added to your order will be mailed about 1-2 weeks after purchase to the address you provide on the order form.

If you already  purchased a yearly recurring membership, we can happily change your purchase* of the recurring yearly digital membership into a one-year non-recurring gift for someone else.

We need to know the full details of your gift recipient so we can set up their account correctly:

  • Their full name
  • Their email address
  • Their mailing address for the bonus item.

*There is a small surcharge of $10 required to change a yearly recurring membership purchase into a one-year non-recurring gift. That charge of $10 USD will be applied to your payment method within the next few days.

IF you want to KEEP your payment information on your recipient's account and use that to pay for a RECURRING membership renewal every year, just let us know this right away! Please know that the RECIPIENT would get the renewal reminder though, not you!