After you have logged in our Members Site, click to open up a shelf. Then click to select an issue.

There are buttons on the issue page which will allow you to view the issue online.

But the better option is always to first save the issue directly to your device and/or Ravelry account for safekeeping and for offline viewing later.

We do always recommend that you save your digital issues for future use,

since only current subscribers have access to the Members Site.

After you have saved the file, you can print off any number of pages right at home, whenever you want them.

The difference between the 2 files on every issue access page, is that the Full PDF is a BIG file!

While you certainly could print pages from the Full PDF, this was really designed for enjoying as a digital item. 

It’s colorful, contains all sorts of really pretty graphics, all the articles, and is great for when you are “reading” the issue!

The Print-Friendly PDF on the other hand, was designed especially for printing off JUST the pages of the project you want to work on. It is mostly text-only of the written pattern instructions, with only one small photo of the design.

Please note, that clicking either of these buttons here does not actually save or print the file.

Instead it opens the file in another tab, then you must instruct your device what to do.

Before doing that though, you may wish to choose which pages you want to print. 

While you can absolutely just print off all of the pages, I find it’s actually nicer for me to just pick the pages for which project I am ready to start crocheting!

I can browse right through the file, and make note of the page numbers that I need.

Many of the written instructions are complete on only one page. Other designs might span 2 pages, so be sure to make note of all of those page numbers!)

After you have figured out which pages you want, next you need to send that information to your printer.

There is little icon on the page, often near the top, that is supposed to look like a teeny tiny little printer. 

(I think it looks more like Rosey from the Jetsons.)

Or maybe your print button actually says Print, and is in a different spot… like at the bottom.

Every device is just slightly different, but there is one somewhere!

When you click that icon or button, a dialogue box opens up.

Make sure that your printer is connected and is showing as the destination. If you have more than one printer, be sure to pick the correct one.

Next, tell your device what pages to print. “All pages” is usually the default starting point, but you can instruct your device to only print a certain page number.

If you want to save on the more expensive color ink, you can even choose to print in black and white only.

When all of those items are specified the way you want, click that print button and your device will send that file off to your printer!

The print dialogues on my devices look like this. They are each set up a little different, but the same information and selections are there. They start off with "All" pages selected to print. But I can easily change that by clicking the circle next to "Pages" instead, then specifying which page numbers.


What if you don’t have a printer at home?

There are likely local office supply stores near you. They make it really easy to send them the information right online, then you can go pick up the printed copy, or you can even get them to mail it to you.

If you haven’t yet saved the Print-Friendly PDF to your device, do that first, and make sure you take note of what folder you put it in!

Sites like and usually have a search bar, typing in “copies” is usually enough to end up at the right spot.

Select the file on your device, and upload it to the site. 

Then be sure to tell them exactly what you want!

Picking double sided pages can save a bit on the paper cost;

Choosing the lightest paper weight is usually sufficient;

and black ink will be cheaper if you don’t mind the little photos also being in black and white.

Choose your favorite store location, and it will be ready for you to pick up when they tell you!

Or you can have them mail it to you.