Hi Everybody!
I am here to talk about a feature we have always provided for our subscribers but seems like it’s a well-kept secret:
** The Print-Friendly Version PDF File**
After you log in to the Members Site, first select what “shelf” of “Your Library” you want to browse... 
Then, click on an issue to open up the issue page.
You’ll see there are 3 buttons:

One says Full PDF (or maybe View Issue(. That's where you can view and download the full PDF Version. That includes all the articles, photos, round-ups, and everything!
The second button says Print-Friendly. That does NOT mean it just sends the full version from the first button to your printer... nor is it referring to our stunning Quarterly Print Editions sent in the mail...

Instead, it’s a nice condensed mostly Text-Only Print-Friendly small PDF file including just the patterns instructions! 

Click that one... and VOILA! 15 pages or so of mostly print-only! Perfect for printing out, hence the name “Print Version”. AND it’s a smaller size file and so takes up less room on your device!

After either one of those PDF files is open, you can continue to view it online, but the better option is always to save it to your device so you will have access to it even after you have disconnected from the internet! Just look for the download icon near the top right corner of the page. (It looks like an arrow pointing down.) Take note of what folder you are saving it to so you can find it again later!

I’ve got more FAQ’s in the Files Section of the group here on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/groups/hhmlab/files/
Please let us know by EMAIL if you need more help! support@happilyhooked.com
Or check our FAQ page here which may help with your question. www.bit.ly/HappilyHookedSupport   
If needed you can create a support ticket right there.
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