Sometimes you may not see a new purchase or addition to your account. 

Or you may be experiencing trouble logging in.

Often this is due to your device holding a previous version of the Members Site in the "cache".

Your device may still reading an older version stored in your cache memory.

Browser caching speeds up delivery of the site’s content to your browser. It is effective and goes unnoticed most times. Browser caching is not a bad thing. It makes the sites you visit regularly load much faster and gives you a better overall experience.

But there are times you need a fresh reload of a page, especially if new content has been added since your last visit.

Please first log out of your member account if you are already there.

Then “force refresh” your web browser.

This will allow your browser to re-check with the web server to get the latest copy of the web page.

  • Hit the Ctrl and F5 buttons at the same time, 
  • or if you are using a Mac use Cmd + R. 
  • iPads and iPhones need to be turned off completely, then turned back on. 
  • On a Chromebook, hit CTRL + SHIFT + Backspace and your Clear Browsing Data menu will appear. Unselect everything except Cached images and files, select your timeframe from the drop down, and hit Clear Browsing Data. Return to your browser and hit refresh and you’ll see a fresh version of the page.

This may need to be done with EACH new release or addition, as it is a function of your device's cache and not our site! **

If that doesn't work, you will need to do a little bit more work to clear your browser's cache and cookies:

I was having a "520 error" problem for a bit. It ended up being that I needed to clear my browser cache and cookies, after I did that everything was fine. 
I had to use google to find instructions on how to do that for my particular device, you might need to do that as well. This is the article I found helpful: