The Search Feature on our Members Site is still a work in progress. It's quite a complicated process to build such a search engine, and we value your feedback to keep making it better.

Here are some tips and tricks to using our search feature:

  • Find Pattern Search by using the navigation menu located on the side of the page.
  • If you know part of the name, you can enter it in that top search bar,
  • Otherwise click Advanced Search to open more options.
  • There are options to view by issue #, skill level, weight, or category.

Please note: there are several patterns hosted directly on the Members Site that are not included in the Pattern Search.

This includes items in the "Junk Drawer" like the Mystery CAL and the Temperature Blankets;

And also those items in the "VIP Room" exclusively for our Lifetime Members.

So do be sure to check out those areas of the Members Site too, also using the menu at the side of the page.

You can also easily search all of the featured patterns in our publications on Ravelry! 

(Please note, there is a very small number of designs that do NOT show up on Ravelry, because it is up to each individual designer as to whether their work listed there or not.)

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