Our digital products are available world-wide anywhere you have internet ability to login online. This includes our yearly digital subscription, the Lifetime digital Membership, all content on our Members Site, and individual digital issues purchased either directly from us or from Ravelry (HHM issues here or PPP issues here.)

Our prices are in USD, you can use an online currency translator to get that into your local currency value, here's one for instance: https://usd.mconvert.net/gbp

Physical products however are not all automatically available to international purchasers. The sales page will state whether it's limited to US only. Some physical items offered for purchase may be limited to United States purchasers only at our discretion or due to international shipping restrictions or other complicating factors.

This includes any promotional items advertised as "free with purchase of a subscription or membership". *Some "free with purchase" promotional items may still be sent to most international purchasers for just a small help with the cost of international shipping.*

Canada orders in our e-com shop (shop.happilyhooked.com) are charged by actual weight of item(s) and this amount is shown on the order before payment is made. 

Other International orders must be entered manually, just contact us with the details of exactly what products and how many you want to order. We will then create a payable invoice with the appropriate shipping charge added, and email it to you for payment. (Although honestly, you might be able to find a better price elsewhere after factoring in shipping. Amazon is where I would start!)

The shipping cost is based on the weight of the package, starting at a minimum of $18.

  • Less than 2 lbs total weight = $18 shipping charge
  • 2 to 2.99 lbs = $22
  • 3 to 3.99 lbs = $28
  • 4 to 5.99 lbs = $39
  • 6 to 8.99 lbs = $55

International customers are responsible for any customs, duties, or taxes which may be imposed by their country's postal system. Please check with your country's customs office to determine their procedures and any potential charges.

For example, UK residents might expect a customs charge of at least 20% of the total cost of the purchase. This amount is not included in any payment made to us. Your package may arrive at your local post office or delivery center and be held until pickup and payment is taken care of. If you neglect to pick up your package and it is returned to us, we will not refund the charge for original shipping.

Should we mistakenly be invoiced directly for any duties or fees from the shipping company after delivery, we will email an invoice for the balance due  which must be paid immediately.

If a package can't be delivered due to an error entering your shipping address, the customer is responsible for any additional fees that may incur in order to reroute or reship the package.

* It costs us over $17 USD minimum to ship anything outside of the US, but all we ask is a $10 payment to help defray that cost in order to receive the free-with-purchase promotional item.

Many US companies limit their free-with-purchase promotional items to only US purchasers because the cost to acquire and ship the item would mean losing money with every international purchase. We felt it was more fair to make our bonus items available even to international purchasers by only asking for a portion of the shipping charge.

There are some countries to which we are not able to ship. This list is updated regularly and changes happen sometimes so even if a customer has bought from us previously can no longer be shipped to.