The fulfillment center we use ships by UPS Mail Innovations. This shipping service is one where the start of the travel is by UPS, then the package gets transferred to the Postal Service to finish the delivery. The center does send an email with tracking information. But if you look up your package only on the Postal Service site it absolutely WILL say “awaiting item”... because yes, the Postal Service does not have it at the start of the process, UPS does.

It does take about 2 days for UPS to enter the information about the shipment into their system, which is pretty typical. Then it can take another week for UPS to hand the package off to the Postal Service, which is also a very typical occurrence. Then finally the package will be transferred from UPS to the Postal Service and it will of course take time for them to do their thing with it.

So delivery has typically been taking on average up to 4 weeks, although there are a significant number of packages taking much longer due to the trouble ALL shipping services are experiencing lately. (Canada and other foreign addresses will take longer for delivery, up to twice that.)

Please allow at least 4 weeks from your initial order before inquiring about your item. Thank you for your patience, understanding, and your kindness, we really appreciate it.

Additional, our e-commerce store is not currently set up for international shipping*. But we can happily help you place an order for items in the e-com shop anytime there is something you want. International orders must be entered manually, just contact us with the details of exactly what products and how many you want to order. (Please refer to the product names and prices as shown in our shop here: For such international orders of products from our e-com store, a shipping cost will be added at a flat rate of $15. 
We will then create a payable invoice and email it to you for payment.

Please note: Promotions Items that we advertise a "free with purchase" are normally restricted to United States Purchasers. IF your purchase included any bonus item(s), they are normally started on their way about 2 weeks after purchase.

  • Due to the volume of the orders we receive, we must wait 1 to 2 weeks after your order was placed before sending your bonus item. This assures that we have the correct mailing address, and that we have taken care of any duplicate orders that might have been submitted. (It happens... a lot!)

Any "free with purchase" item may still be sent to most international purchasers* for just a small help with the cost of international shipping.  It costs us over $17 USD minimum to ship anything outside of the US, but all we ask is a $10 payment to help defray that cost in order to receive the free-with-purchase promotional item.

*There are some countries to which we are not able to ship. This list is updated regularly and changes so happen sometimes where even a customer who has bought from us can no longer be shipped to at this point in time.

For more information about the mailing of our Quarterly Print Editions, please see this article.

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