Ravelry, among other things, is a type of “cloud storage” for digital patterns, and it is a great place to be able to store your digital content without taking up space on your device. We do encourage all of our members to save all their digital issues of HHM and PPP to their Ravelry library or other cloud storage of their choice
First, we’d like to say this: Ravelry is absolutely not necessary to be used! Our Members have full ability to view the digital issues right on our own Members Site without using Ravelry at all. Members can also save the PDF files of their digital issues to any device or cloud storage they wish.
However, Ravelry is already used by many of our members, and we merely provide a means for users to save content to Ravelry if they wish.
Keeping all your issues on Ravelry (or other cloud storage) lets you safely delete them from your device when you aren’t actively reading or working from them.
That’s critical for devices which have a limited memory capacity!
Those files, once stored on Ravelry, can be re-downloaded to your device then any number of times when you need it there, then deleted when you don’t.
And if your device should ever stop working or gets replaced, your publications are still safe and can be accessed from any other device!
(Also, please remember that only current members have access to our Members Site. So saving elsewhere allows future access to your content even if you should discontinue your membership.)

Please see this video: https://www.loom.com/share/a749bf9fd7ad4bb9a1918d7362f554a6?sharedAppSource=team_library

All of the digital issues included in your membership are found in "Your Library", and are sorted onto different "shelves"; Click on one of those 'shelves'; Then click on one of the items to open it.
There are three options on the issue page. The first 2 options are all about viewing and saving the PDF files directly on your device.
  • There are 2 versions of the digital publication provided: a full-color one with amazing design and special touches by our fabulous graphic designer, Marija; 
  • and also a simplified Print-Friendly version which is perfect for printing pages off at home if desired.
  • The third option says "Add to Your Ravelry Library".

Using the coupon codes to “purchase” your digital issues.

In order to add anything in to your Ravelry library, it must first be “purchased”. 
We provide a coupon code for each member to add each issue that is part of their membership to Ravelry for no additional cost. 
So while a price IS noted on Ravelry, correctly applying the coupon code will bring that cost down to zero.


Click the 'Copy' button, or highlight and copy, or write down your Unique Code;
Then click where it says 'Click Here' to get right to Ravelry.
Once on Ravelry, click the 'Add to Cart' button that shows under the picture of the magazine on the left side of the page;
Click near the bottom of the next screen that say "use a coupon code";
Enter the Coupon Code you had copied into the box and be sure to click Apply.
Verify that the price has changed to free before clicking 'checkout now', otherwise you WILL be charged for the purchase.
Please note that the code is "case-sensitive" and must be entered exactly as shown.

On some devices, we have noticed that the device seems to "remember" the last coupon code that was used.
So if you have trouble with Ravelry giving back an error code and the price not changing, simply go back and write down our actual coupon code, then type it into Ravelry.
Only ONE issue at a time can be done, because each coupon is only able to be used once and is only applicable to ONE issue.
If you have trouble using a coupon code on Ravelry, just let us know your user name there, and which of our digital issues you are having trouble with so we can look into the trouble and fix any problems. If needed we can send an issue right to your Ravelry library for you.
    This special personal HHM Coupon Code can be used to add all of the previous HHM issues AND all of the PPP issues from 2014 through now. Just email support@happilyhooked.com if you are a Lifetime Member and want that Whole Enchilada code!

Finding your Ravelry items

After having “purchased” a digital issue, Ravelry then sends an email directly with your download instructions.
Finding your Ravelry items is easy, just log in to your Ravelry account,
hover over the 'my notebook' navigation link near the top right corner of the page,
and click on 'library' in the dropdown menu.
Ravelry has a pretty thorough self-help section, so we do encourage you to start there if you need more help - www.ravelry.com/help

Ravelry is a pretty terrific pattern-search engine too.

Ravelry is also a quite extensive pattern search engine, and a lot more. 
While we are in the process of creating our own pattern search feature on our Members Site, using Ravelry is another option.


Another great thing about Ravelry is the ability to create projects. 

When you are logged in to Ravelry, the easiest way to create a new project is to go to the pattern listing first.
In the case of this project used in this example, the link to the pattern listing in Ravelry was right here-     http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/ocean-breeze-blanket
Then find the 'hook it' spot over on the right side of the page and click that.
When you have done that, a new mostly blank page opens up which is your personal project page now.
You can now click on the little pencil icon near the title of the page to add details, add starting and ending dates if desired on the right side, add photos, and more.
After you have started the project on Ravelry, you can also go back and add or update information and photos by clicking on the edit project or add photos places.
For a lot more details about Ravelry projects see this Ravelry blog post: Adding A Project on Ravelry

Some things to keep in mind:

  • If you don’t know about Ravelry and wish to find out more, just head right here. It’s a free service, so there really isn’t anything to lose. www.ravelry.com/invitations
  • We do not own the individual patterns for most of the content in our publications. Those publication rights remain with the designer, except for any term of exclusivity agreed to by contract.
  • We can not provide the individual patterns on Ravelry. Our publication rights only pertain to the designs as featured in our digital issues.
  • We can not force each individual designer to create a listing for each of their designs on Ravelry. 
  • Neither can we control where else that designer may sell or give their own design after any term of exclusivity with us has ended.
  • But all the patterns featured in our publication are in OUR issue files, whether that design is listed on Ravelry on not.
  • We are not affiliated in any way with Ravelry, their operations, their processes, or their point of view and will not be entering into any discussion about that. So we ask all of our members to make their own decision about Ravelry and to be kind, respectful, and understanding of the decisions that others make.