While our regular subscription provides monthly digital issues, we do also produce Happily Hooked Magazine in Print format sent in the mail! 

Our beautiful Printed Quarterly Pattern Collections are the perfect complement to our digital subscription. 
Those Quarterly Pattern Collections are purchased individually.

Each Quarterly Pattern Collection contains the patterns from the 3 previous monthly digital issues of Happily Hooked Magazine and mails the next month after the quarter ends. So, for instance the 4th Quarter 2020 included the patterns from the October, November, and December digital issues. It was mailed out mid-January to all those who had submitted orders for it.  

Purchase Individual Print Editions:
  • Emails are sent near the end of every quarter with the opportunity to pre-order the current quarter’s Print Quarterly Pattern Collection.
  • The price for non-subscribers to purchase one Print Edition is $24.99.
  • Current Digital-Only Subscribers can purchase at $19.99
  • and Lifetime Members can use their 10% discount to purchase for $17.99.
  • This is a Pre-Order...we send these patterns to the publishers to print AFTER the quarter ENDS, and ONLY print enough to meet the demand. 
  • Only a very limited number of extras are published. Those are normally made available after we are sure that all who have already purchased receive their copies
  • If you wish to purchase the current Print Edition and didn’t receive or can’t find our email to you, just email us and ask for the order form. support@happilyhooked.com

Print is available to international purchasers:
  • All of our prices are listed in USD, there is no additional surcharge for other locations.
  • International shipping may encounter delays beyond our control and even with no trouble can still take twice as long to reach their destination as our domestic subscribers.
  • If you have questions, please email: support@happilyhooked.com

Delivery Expectations:
  • Each printed pattern collection is mailed directly from the printing facility immediately upon completion of their printing process by the middle of next month AFTER the quarter ends. 
  • USPS is highly unpredictable and delivery times vary so widely that it is impossible to give an exact time for arrival. 
  • Delivery has lately been taking up to 12 weeks for U.S. addresses.

  • You MUST EMAIL FOR HELP: support@happilyhooked.com
  • We will NOT try to answer questions about individual accounts here on Facebook.