Our publications are released in digital format only.
Memberships do not provide for print magazines sent in the mail.

Every digital issue in our digital membership though does include a Print-Friendly PDF, which is simple, with no frills, no extra articles or images - just the patterns in black and white. That makes each one very easy to print off at home just what you need when you need it! Please see more information here: What's the Print-Friendly version?

There are a very limited number of extra copies of past print magazines available for purchase in our e-com shop here.

While we loved our Quarterly Print Editions of Happily Hooked just as much as you did, we had to make the difficult decision to pause the production of our print magazines and have not created any new ones after the April/May/June 2021 issue. The hard truth is that creating a quality print magazine we could be proud of has been costing us more than we made from it. As one of our team members is fond of asking, "Is that sustainable?" Sadly, the answer at this time is, "No".


This was a very tough business decision, and we are deeply sorry for the disappointment we know this causes.
While most print magazines fill up more than half of their pages with advertising to help cover those costs, Happily Hooked Magazine has always been ad-free.

The cost of paper and ink has skyrocketed over the past few years, making each edition substantially more expensive than the previous one.

Mailing costs have also been rising, yet the assurance of delivery has been declining. Mailing and shipping backlogs continue to exist across the globe, which has been resulting in ever-longer times needed for those print issues to arrive. My last print issue took 16 weeks to travel from the publisher in Colorado to New Jersey, which is what made me finally hear what the boss-man has been trying to say for over a year now.

What now?

Happily Hooked began as a digital-only publication in 2014, and digital has always been our primary means of delivering our publications.

We've invested quite a lot of time and expertise into improving our online Members Site over the years. It's quite a nice place! All of the content that would be in those print magazines will still be available to you on our world-class Members Site.

There's actually a lot more content on the Members Site, and within every digital issue already in your account, than we were ever able to include in the print magazines!

  • For instance, did you know that there are goodies in the Junk Drawer?
  • And there are video courses?!
  • AND a pattern search feature?!!

We are always happy to help you navigate our online Members Site if you need it!

But what about?

While maybe not as pretty as our quarterly print editions, our handy Print-Friendly PDF is included with every single digital issue release. It is PERFECT for you to print off at home just what you need when you need it!

I have made this complete explanation of how to do that: What's the Print-Friendly Version?
There are also online printing places. You can send the PDF to them, and you can pick them up right at your local store, or they can mail the printed pages back to you.

The print editions might be taking a break for now, but one thing is certain: our Happily Hooked Community is stronger than ever. That community is vibrant and colorful and interactive, and that is due to all of our amazing member, just like you. Are you part of that online community? If not join us right here.

We appreciate your understanding and kindness as we work always toward creating a happy place for crocheters to come and smile... one smile at a time...